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Greening Finance & Financing Green

We believe the finance sector possesses immense potential to be a driving force for positive change, propelling us towards an equitable, net-zero economy that works with the environment, not against it.

At Ecolease, we see it as our responsibility to lead the way in promoting green finance and financing green initiatives, aligning ourselves with a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Financing Green & Greening Finance. Why does it matter?

At Ecolease, we understand the transformative power of green finance. Our mission is not only to facilitate financing for green initiatives but also to advocate for a broader adoption of sustainable practices within the finance sector. Here’s some of the reasons you might want to consider greening your business finance and equipment solutions.

Reduced Environmental Impact:

By prioritising green finance, businesses can access funding specifically tailored for environmentally friendly equipment and vehicles. This leads to a reduction in carbon emissions and overall environmental footprint.

Cost Savings

 Investing in green equipment often translates to long-term cost savings. Energy-efficient vehicles and machinery, for example, can significantly lower operational costs over their lifespan.

Compliance and Reputation

Embracing green finance demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, enhancing a company’s reputation and ensuring compliance with evolving environmental regulations.

Accessibility to Innovation

Financing green initiatives opens doors to innovative technologies and practices that may otherwise be financially out of reach. This enables businesses to stay competitive while reducing their environmental impact.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Green financing encourages the adoption of energy-efficient equipment and vehicles, leading to improved operational efficiency and productivity.

Risk Mitigation

 Investing in environmentally sustainable equipment can mitigate risks associated with environmental damage, regulatory non-compliance, and resource scarcity.

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Government Incentives

We can provide guidance on accessing available government incentives and rebates available for sustainable vehicles, equipment and other assets. 

Financing Green & Greening Finance - Why does it matter?

Reduced Environmental Impact:

By prioritising green finance, businesses can access funding specifically tailored for environmentally friendly equipment and vehicles. This leads to a reduction in carbon emissions and overall environmental footprint.

Cost Savings

You need to ensure that your repayment plan is designed to align with your cash flow, ensuring smooth financial management.

Project Scalability

You need flexible financing terms to accommodate the varying scales of your projects.

Project Timelines

You need financing solutions designed to align with the often time-sensitive nature of Civil Construction projects.

Asset Utilisation

How will your machinery be managed, maintained and how will you ensure the equipment is being used to its fullest potential?

Environmental Impact

Have you considered options for eco-friendly equipment and or ‘green’ finance solutions to align with the sustainability goals of your business and the broader Civil Construction industry?

Safety Standards

Would new or updated machinery allow you to meet or even exceed the highest safety standards, critical in Civil Construction and related fields?

What to expect from Ecolease

Industry experience

We have extensive industry-specific experience ensuring we deliver tailored equipment finance solutions that meet the unique needs and challenges of your business.

Green Finance. Financing Green.

We believe the finance sector has a responsibility to offer ‘Green Finance’ options and to promote eco-friendly equipment for a more sustainable future for us all.

It’s about more than money.

Sure, we provide Equipment Finance. But we never lose sight of the fact that what we really deliver is the tools to help your business thrive and grow. That’s why we exist.

High approval rates

Our experience and knowledge means we have very high approval rates. As we don’t put an application in if we don’t think it has a high chance of being successful. This saves time and disappointment with unnecessary declines.

We keep things simple

Finance shouldn’t have to be a chore. With our streamlined application process, and our experienced, and ready to help team, you’ll experience a hassle-free, swift, and efficient path to your vehicle, equipment or business finance. We make finance simple and fun.

We love what we do

Our team of dedicated and passionate Business Finance Specialists have been working with Australian businesses for over 17 years. We pride ourselves on building open and trusted relationships with our clients. 

Equipment, vehicle & business finance. Done right.


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You have a great product range and customers who want your products to help streamline their operations and grow their business. But sales are being blocked, delayed or missed, because your customers are waiting on finance or get declined. That’s where Ecolease comes in. We work alongside your business to help accelerate your sales cycle, boost cash-flow and deliver an exceptional customer experience, that will keep them coming back when its time to upgrade their machinery. To find out more, download our Vendor Partner Success Guide or Book a Free Consultation with one of our team today.

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