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Electric Vehicles

The Electric Vehicle industry is growing exponentially each year and we’re committed to helping Australians make the move to more sustainable vehicles.

If you’re thinking of buying an electric vehicle and need finance, give the team at Ecolease a call and we can help you get the best rate and terms.

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Why Buy an Electric Vehicle?

Still undecided? Here are a few reasons why an Electric Vehicle is an excellent choice, whether you’re a business or individual.

They are cheaper to run

There are significant fuel savings to be made with an Electric vehicle: an average car travelling 13,700 km per year can save more than $1,000 if charging during an off-peak tariff. Electric vehicles can also be cheaper to maintain as there are fewer moving parts and fewer servicing requirements.

EVs are better for the environment than their petrol equivalents.

In Australia, the transport sector accounts for almost 20% of total emissions. EVs have zero tailpipe emissions, reducing the harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions. Electric vehicles can also be charged using renewable energy sources like solar to make them even better environmentally.

There are significant financial incentives for buying an EV

In Australia, local governments have set up various rebates, subsidies and fee waivers for those buying new electrical vehicles. At the moment, the ATO is offering temporary full expensing (aka Instant asset Write Off) for EVs purchased and in use before June 30, 2023. Furthermore, there is no fringe benefit tax on electric vehicles, which makes it easier for businesses to buy them for employees, even if they are also used personally.

Electric vehicles are nice to drive

EVs are known to be quieter and smoother to drive, with regenerative braking, faster acceleration, and better handling. They are also cleaner without the emissions from a petrol or diesel engine. It has been argued that these features also reduce driver stress which is certainly no bad thing!

Electric Vehicle Myths

Despite their increasing popularity, EVs face the same cynicism and questioning found in many new technologies. We clear up a few below:

It is true that the electricity required to manufacture and charge Electric vehicles’ batteries does create carbon pollution research shows that an EV is typically responsible for lower levels of greenhouse gases (GHGs) than an average new Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) car over its lifetime. If renewable sources of energy are used to charge the vehicle, the negative impact is further reduced.

Public charging stations are not as prolific as petrol stations, but they are more widespread than you might think, and more are emerging all the time. Take a look at the map to find a charging point near you.

This certainly depends on the size of the car, but most EVs aim to last at least 300-400 kms before requiring a recharge, and some claim a range of more than 500 km. 

Charging time depends on the type of battery and the type of charger. However, most cars can reach 80% charge within approximately 40 minutes when using a DC charger. Home charging often takes longer.

How to Buy an Electric Vehicle


As with any asset purchase, it’s important to be prepared in order to avoid pitfalls and maximise opportunities. There are many EV options available, all with their own set of features. Finding out what these are, understanding key terms and concepts and knowing what it is you want to use the EV for, all help you to make an informed decision. Alternatively, you can refer to an expert: Ecolease offers clients a car-buying service to help you find the right EV for your needs.

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