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April 3 Things E-Newsletter 2019

1. Everybody likes a ‘freebie’, here’s yours!

Instant Asset Write-Off, compliments the Government.

It’s official. The Government in its Budget proposed an increase and extension to the Instant Asset Write-Off scheme to assets valued up to a threshold of $30,000, and increased the threshold of company eligibility to a turnover of up to $50M p.a.

What does it mean and how does it work?

If you acquire and install a new or used asset between April 2 2019 and June 30 2019 of $30,000 or less you can instantly write-off the TOTAL asset value this financial year.

For example, if your business is on track to deliver a $100,000 taxable (net) profit this financial year and you purchase two pieces of equipment (say, one for $30,000 and the other for $25,000 – GST exclusive), you “write-off” a total of $55,000 reducing your taxable profit to $45,000.

This means you pay tax on $45,000 rather than $100,000. At the company tax rate of 27.5%, that means a tax saving of $15,125 on top of having two new pieces of income generating equipment!

What assets qualify?

Any business related asset including equipment, cars and solar panels.

Can I acquire more than one asset and still claim?

Yes as long as each individual asset(s) is $30K or less.

Does the asset have to be brand new?

No, it can be a used or demonstration model asset.

Don’t delay. CALL NOW!

To take advantage of the Instant Asset Write-Off this Financial year don’t delay, as the equipment must be acquired and installed ready for use between April 2 and June 30 2019 to qualify this fiscal year.

2. Turn Easter downtime into a convenient time.

Shopping with confidence for a new vehicle.

Everyones busy and finding time to find that new vehicle that’s been on the cards for a while always seems to take a back seat but Easter downtime can be a really convenient time.

Motor dealerships will be promoting Easter sales and you can take advantage by securing a quick instant pre-approval ahead of the break so you can shop with confidence for whatever the reason. Recently we even financed a 1967 Mercedes 250SL, valued at $160,000 for a customer’s 50th birthday, the car was made the year he was born.

Or maybe it’s a Green machine you are after, a qualifying energy efficient vehicle can enjoy an additional 0.70% reduction in interest rate and what’s more this doesn’t just mean hybrids, it refers to vehicles that are classified as fuel efficient for both passenger and light commercial with over 600 models new or pre loved that qualify.

Whether a workhorse, a family set of wheels, or something unusual we can get your pre-approval in place in 24 hours, so when the Easter Bunny arrives, you can literally hop to any dealer secure in the knowledge that you are in the best negotiating position and ready to drive away.


3. Show me the MONEY…

Solar energy installations means I can save money and quickly? Prove it.

OK, we all acknowledge that having solar energy access is cheaper than conventional energy especially with rising energy costs, but many probably feel that the cost of installation and the time it takes to recover that cost more than likely offsets that benefit. Actually not so, here’s three good reasons why:

1. Once installed you will benefit from instant savings on your power bills which could more than offset your regular repayments for equipment and installation.

2. Tax savings, small to medium sized businesses will be able to access an accelerated tax concession, which can provide an immediate tax deduction on assets.

3. You can get an upfront point-of-sale discount by assigning Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) to your installer. Alternatively, you can also sell your STCs on the market. Either way, you’ll receive money to reduce the cost of your installation.

Let me share with you the experience of one of our clients…

“Our business has two buildings and wanted solar panel installations put on both. Ecolease were excellent to deal with and made the financing process simple and fast and our reduction in energy costs is around 70% p.a since the system was turned on”. Sign and Badge, Bayswater, Victoria



Marion Taggert-Holland

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