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  • Sun Liew

    ProStitch Embroidery Pty Ltd

    From application to settlement the process was speedy and a piece of cake (and I ate some ,too!). The level of communication from Ecolease was excellent and the staff were professional and knowledgeable. Taryn did an awesome job! The Rent-to-Own product is convenient and will allow me to expand, whilst optimizing the cash flow. I would use Ecolease again in the future and would recommend them to my friends and colleagues.

  • Brian Turner

    What a smooth transaction and such fantastic service, so thank you again you have made the whole process very easy : )

  • Reg Bourne

    Reg Bourne

    Ecolease were very knowledgeable with the finance process. This process was easy to understand and not complicated. Their staff communicated through all the steps of the application and the execution of the application was simple and completed in a quick time frame. I found the repayment structure to be designed well for affordability with the little guy in mind.

  • Chris Hing

    The speed of the finance process from application to settlement was excellent and the ease of the process was perfect. I give Ecolease a 10/10. I dealt with Taryn the whole time and was very happy with how she did everything with my application. Communication was excellent. I couldn't be any happier with Ecolease. I have used them in the past - everything has been straight forward and easy to apply for a lease. If there is a problem with anything or a question that needs to be asked it is done quickly... you couldn't ask for a better leasing agent!

  • Mike Fisher

    Kyneton Laundry

    The speed of getting finance through Ecolease was excellent. Simple and direct, we were able to move forward without the incredible amount of paperwork that banks want. The staff were knowledgeable and professional, everyone was helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Communication was excellent; without cutting corners, my objectives were the drivers in all discussions.

    The Rent-to-Own product was convenient and [by financing our solar panels through this product] it will help our business  by reducing direct energy costs, increasing our asset base in a financially helpful manner and reducing our pollution.

    My experience is that I will be speaking to Ecolease for future equipment financing.