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  • Russell Murphy


    It has been a pleasure dealing with you and your Team. You have been very professional and everything has gone so smooth. Thank you.

  • Ashley Cobb

    The speed of the process is excellent and extremely easy – all done electronically so no need for a lot of phone calls. Staff are great and any problems are dealt with quickly. Email and phone communication from Ecolease is first rate. The Rent-to-Own product will help my business by not tying up capital, enabling more rapid expansion. I would use Ecolease again as they have a good track record with all of my previous dealings. Thank you.

  • Warren Davey

    Wojo Signs

    I found the process from time of application to settlement to be very easy for a first time application. The staff were professional and knowledgeable, good to deal with. The level of communication from the Ecolease team was good, far superior to the communication from my bank of 20 years.

  • Steve Su

    Getting my finance in place was quick and easy. The staff are professional, very helpful and very efficient. The communication I received from Ecolease was excellent - thanks so much guys!

  • Adrian Stin

    Century Copy Centre

    Marian was friendly, clear and efficient. The emails are easy to understand and verbal communication is clear. The simplicity of the process has made it very easy to complete the finance. It took one phone call and one set of forms to complete a finance application. Couldn't be much easier than that!