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  • Emanuel Baldacchino

    Roland DG Australia

    Marian has been and continues to be a pleasure to work with, providing finance packages and services to our client base, punctual, efficient and easy to talk to!

  • Frank Mejias

    Signarama Newcastle

    The service from Ecolease is excellent. The staff are always very helpful! I would continue to use Ecolease and would recommend them.

  • Alex Koulouris

    Grange Graphics

    The whole process from start to finish is handled professionally and expediently. I found the staff at Ecolease to be knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to deal with. I would use the services of Ecolease again because of the outstanding service, rate and convenience.

  • Chris Blewitt

    Getting finance through Ecolease was really easy. It was amazing how quickly our application was processed. The staff was professional and knowledgeable. After a quick discussion, Marian found us a better deal and saved us some money. They were always in touch for every step. Just all round excellent to deal with.

    We had also applied through our bank of many years and we have our mortgage with them, other personal finance (done with the last 12 months) and we still needed to jump through a million hoops just to apply. With Ecolease it was so very easy and because we had used you before (which was equally easy) it was just a breeze. It was also the most competitive quote too by the way.

    We would use Ecolease again in the future.

  • Chris Hing

    The speed of the finance process from application to settlement was excellent and the ease of the process was perfect. I give Ecolease a 10/10. I dealt with Taryn the whole time and was very happy with how she did everything with my application. Communication was excellent. I couldn't be any happier with Ecolease. I have used them in the past - everything has been straight forward and easy to apply for a lease. If there is a problem with anything or a question that needs to be asked it is done quickly... you couldn't ask for a better leasing agent!