Solar Finance

Knowing full well that money doesn’t grow on trees, Ecolease offers a number of finance options that will quickly convert the sun’s rays into money saving renewable energy to power your business and its profits.

What’s more, your energy bill savings can potentially offset your monthly finance repayments, making this one of the smartest investments you will ever make.

Benefits of Solar Finance & Leasing:

  • Conserve your cash – No large upfront payment
  • Positive cash flow from the onset – Energy savings may equal or exceed financing costs
  • Repayments or a component of repayments may be tax deductible
  • Makes budgeting easier due to fixed monthly repayments

What can Ecolease finance?

  • Solar panels, inverters, racking, mounting and installation
  • Energy efficient lighting

What type of finance does Ecolease offer?

  • Ecolease offers all types of equipment finance options, including Chattel Mortgage (Specific Security Deed) and Rent to Own

What if I don’t own the building?

  • Applications for tenants investing in solar and energy efficient lighting are considered on a case by case basis

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