For every sale receive an Ecolease Bonus. No ifs, buts or maybes!

Just in case you missed it, we sent you a note about ten days ago letting you know that you’ve been automatically registered for our Instant Asset Write-Off promotion which means that between the 13th May and 30th June 2019 for every approved sale financed through Ecolease, we will reward you with a $100.00 Visa Prepaid Card – no ifs, buts, or maybes.

Importantly, as we understand that the equipment may not be delivered, and therefore the finance not settled, by June 30th, we will honour this bonus for all approved financed sales before June 30th, and fulfil it once the transaction is settled.

Not only that, to help you get your sales ‘across the line’ we can also offer a three month deferred repayment option for your customer, if need be.

INSTANT ASSET WRITE-OFF... all you need to know, to help sell more kit:

We all know the end of financial year is usually a good time to sell, but this year because of the expansion of the Governments Instant Asset Write-Off scheme its a doubly good opportunity, so here are a few suggestions on how to bring the subject up.

Ask your customer…

  • How the end of the financial year is shaping up for them
  • What do they think of the new Instant Asset Write-Off scheme and or
  • Tell your customer that you were reading about the Instant Asset Write-Off scheme and that you were interested to learn that
  • It’s not just small businesses that qualify but any business with a turnover up to $50m that are now eligible
  • That there is no limit to the number of individual assets that can be purchased by one company to qualify

When talking about the opportunity the Instant Asset Write Off scheme provides your customers it is useful to have some simple facts at your finger tips, here are the key ones worth noting.

  • The scheme concludes on June 30th 2020, but if a customer wants to take advantage right now for this financial year the equipment must be acquired and installed ready for use by June 30th 2019
  • Previously only businesses with an annual T/O of up to $10M were eligible but now its any business with a turnover of up to $50M that are eligible
  • The value of the asset to be eligible is up to a threshold of $30K per asset but there is no limit to the number of assets, i.e a business can acquire ten pieces of kit at $30K each if they want as long as each individual asset is no more than $30K
  • Yes assets can be financed and eligible for the scheme (just give Ecolease a call for any info)
  • The bill has passed through both Government houses, so it’s a done deal with bi-partisan support (the only reason it may not be in law yet is that it’s awaiting Royal ascent, but the legislation applies from 2nd April 2019)

If your customer wants to have more information on the benefits here is a PDF that you can either print out and give them, or email to them.

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