If you are experiencing hardship due to Covid-19 please follow the steps below for assistance.
Feel free to give us a call if need be.

1. Identify who the lender is in relation to your current loan/lease

  • To do this refer to you nominated bank account statement
  • Against your monthly loan/lease repayment it will list the lenders name and a number which is usually the contract number

2. Refer list below and contact the relevant lender directly on the contact number/links and emails below

3. When you contact the lender – whether by email or phone ensure you have the following included:

  • For emails – use subject heading “COVID-19 Support Required”
  • Provide your legal entity name
  • ABN Number
  • Your full name and contact details
  • Contract number for your loan (see your bank statement)
  • A brief description of what your current business situation is


PH: 1800 079 866

Email: [email protected],

Use subject heading: Coronavirus Hardship Application

Canon Finance

Contact Ecolease  

PH: 1300 322 092

Email: [email protected]

Capital Finance

Download, fill out and submit attached form to:

Email: [email protected]

CC: [email protected]


Contact Ecolease  

PH: 1300 322 092

Email: [email protected]

Macquarie Rentals

Email: [email protected]  

Metro Finance

PH: 1300 362 627 (option 2, then 4)

Email: [email protected]

St George

PH: 1800 629 795

Thorn Business Finance

PH: 1800 623 611

Email: [email protected]


For Equipment Finance customers – please obtain one of your account number(s) they will be noted on your bank statement that the direct debit comes out of.

Go to this link:

Answer the 4 questions relating to the facilities, be one of the borrower or guarantor(s) and insert contact details.