You may have noticed that we have recently been sharing some resources aimed to help manage your cashflow in these challenging times.

Below we share three ways Ecolease can assist with reducing monthly payments to ease cash flow pressures: 

  1. Refinance vehicles
  2. Refinance property
  3. Finance Solar and energy efficient equipment

1. Refinancing all your vehicles!

Cars, Utes, Vans

If you have vehicle loans that have been running for 12 months or more, it is worth looking into refinancing. We can extend the term and get a better rate as a simple way of reducing your monthly outgoings.

All we need is:

  1. Your 12 month current lease/loan statement
  2. A copy of the finance contract 

2. Find a better interest rate!

Some good savings can definitely be made here.

Refinancing your commercial and/or residential property loan is a strategy that could provide some very good savings. With current rates as low as 2.99% p.a talk with Dave our resident property specialist to find out more.

3. Reduce your energy bills!

“…our reduction in energy costs is around 70% pa”

Solar and energy efficent equipment can bring substantial savings every month by reducing your power bills.

Michael McDowell at The Sign and Badge Centre, Melbourne, had this to say regarding his invesment:

“Our business has two buildings and we wanted solar panel installations put on both. Ecolease were excellent to deal with and made the financing process simple and fast and our reduction in energy costs is around 70% per annum since the system was turned on.”

What can be financed?
Solar Panels and Inverters. Efficient and LED Lighting. Batteries and Storage. Cooling and Heating Systems.