Covid-19 Deferred Loan Repayments Update

Hello out there to our Ecolease community,

It has been a bizarre and stressful couple of weeks for many of us, as we grapple with the impact of COVID19 on our businesses and work places.

Things are changing daily, and this has been the first chance we have had to message you.

Please view our video where I give an update of how we, and our lenders, are handling your enquiries. I also provide directions to those who may be considering assistance with their loan repayments. 

Below is a list of the Government Economic Response to the Coronavirus and links to their Fact Sheets. Importantly, please remember the best place for advice and information in relation to your business is with your accountant.

Lastly, a reminder that we are open for business and continue to assist with any equipment, vehicle and property finance needs.

Deferred Loan Repayment Information

Keep abreast of what our lenders need you to do.

A COVID-19 mortgage deferral won’t affect your credit rating.

The major banks have announced that any Australian who is granted a six month deferral on loan repayments on their mortgage or other credit products, such as a credit card, will not have their credit rating affected as a result of that deferral, provided they were up to date with repayments prior to COVID-19

Australian Government Fact Sheets

Cash Flow Assistance for Businesses:

Temporary relief for financially distressed businesses:

JobKeeper Payments - Information for Employers:

Supporting businesses to retain jobs:

Early access to superannuation:

Delivering support for business investment:

Income support for Individuals:

Supporting the flow of credit:

Payments to support households: