March 3 Things E-Newsletter 2020

1. Get your equipment delivered now and don’t pay until June!

Deferred Repayments for Rental Facilities!

If you were holding off purchasing that piece of equipment for your business, we may have found the right solution for you!

Very much so, a lot of our day to day conversations have been focused around the current Covid-19 situation. As a small business ourselves, this has been on our minds too.

We want to reassure you that Ecolease is still open for business. We are here to help. 
We recognise that many businesses still need vital income-generating pieces of equipment. So we have organised with one of our lenders the option to finance your equipment with a 3 month payment deferment.*

This means that you can get your equipment NOW, and not have to make any repayments for the first 3 months. 

*Subject to credit approval and criteria. Applicable for Rental contracts only.

2. Support Options in Times of Hardship


With the devastating bushfires earlier in the year and now with the Covid-19 situation many small businesses have been impacted. 

A range of our lenders have put in support measures to help these business during these difficult times. 

If you are experiencing hardship due to these circumstances, we encourage you to please get in touch with us so that we can speak to our lenders about what options are available to you**.

Our thoughts are with everyone who has been, and continues to be affected during these challenging times. We are here to support you.

**All cases of hardship will be assessed by the lenders on an individual basis and certain criteria will apply.

3. Save with Solar!

At Ecolease we have helped various clients to save on their energy costs through financing solar power installations, irrespective of whether the premises are leased or owned.

Most clients, once they have installed solar, find that the savings they make on their energy bills more than offset the cost of the installation and is cash flow positive.

Email Us your last 3 commercial property electricity bills and we will review them so that you can get on the path to saving $$$.