Instant Asset Write Off Increased to $150K!

Instant Asset Write Off increased to $150K


If you were holding off purchasing that shiny new toy for your business, Scomo has just given you a reason to stick with the plan!

The federal budget announced today a stimulus package to support small business investment. 

  1. *Increase the Instant Asset Write Off to $150k untill June 2020
  2. *A new investment incentive allowing an additional 50% accelerated depreciation to June 2021

How can Ecolease help you?
Fast Simple approvals up to $150k no financials
Most equipment types

Can I finance it and still qualify?
YES. Speak to the Ecolease Commercial Finance Experts to learn more how you can benefit.

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*This needs to be passed in Parliament March 23 but is safe to say this element is a done deal with Labor advising it is inclined to support the package.